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Parking Enforcement & Regulations

Eureka Campus parking enforcement is handled through the College of the Redwoods Police Deparment/Campus Safety. Citations are issued to those in violation of Parking regulations.

All parking on the College of the Redwoods campuses is at the discretion of the vehicle operator. College of the Redwoods assumes no liability for loss or damage incurred by any vehicle or its contents while on college property. Additionally, all parking on the Eureka campus is by permit only.

Purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee that a parking space will be available in the area desired. A student parking permit authorizes the purchaser to park in any general parking area on campus identified with white markings, unless posted otherwise. Posted signs and markings designate various parking restrictions and/or special purpose parking, and must be obeyed. Below is a list of the most common parking spaces, and are identified with markings of:

RED...................................................No Parking
BLUE w/BLUE Sign............................Handicap/Disabled
YELLOW........................................... Loading Zone
GREEN .............................................Staff Parking
WHITE…………………………………General Parking

Special purpose parking permits are available through Campus Safety to allow loading and unloading, or for commercial service vehicles providing service to computers, copiers, other equipment or construction on campus. Special VIP permits are also available at Campus Safety upon approval. 

Parking Permits by Term  (Semester, Annual, and Summer)

All vehicles without special parking permits or a Disabled Blue placard must have a Term Permit or a Daily Permit. Vehicles without permits may be cited. All Term Permits must be displayed clearly visible and on the lower driver's or passenger's side windshield facing out, or on a hangtag if multiple vehicles are registered to the permit. A Term Permit that is displayed improperly may be cited. Multiple vehicles may be registered to a permit, but all other vehicles must be registered with Public Safety, and a hangtag purchased to display the permit. The hangtag allows the permit to transfer from one vehicle to another and alerts Campus Safety that the permit is used for more than one vehicle. This helps to reduce the likelihood of parking permit theft and fraud. A permit displayed in a vehicle which has not been registered with Campus Safety may result in a citation. If you park a vehicle on campus that is not registered on a Term Permit, a Daily Permit will need to be purchased.


Parking on the Eureka campus is by permit only. Parking at all other instructional locations is currently free. Parking enforcement is handled through the Campus Safety.

All students must purchase a CR parking permit to use on-campus parking - unless they have a state handicapped parking permit (Blue Placard).

  • Students with Blue Placard parking may park in any designated parking space on campus, i.e. student, staff, medical or handicapped. They may not park in non-designated parking areas, i.e. loading zones, no parking zones, etc.
  • Medical Parking permits are available through the DSPS office on a temporary basis, with a medical verification from a doctor. With this permit, students may park in student parking, staff parking or medical parking spaces.

Semester, Annual and Summer Session permits are now available to purchase online.  Go to and follow the instructions.  If you are a Student you are required to use your email address in order to purchase a parking permit. 

One-day permits are available at pay stations located throughout the parking areas.

Annual (August to August) Permit - $80.00
Fall or Spring Semester - $53.00
Summer Session - $18.00
One-day Permit - $2.00
Annual (August to August) Permit - $37.00
Fall or Spring Semester - $23.00
Summer Session - $11.00
One-day Permit - $2.00

Replacement permit: $8.00

*If an Automobile/Truck permit is purchased, and a motorcycle is the individual's second vehicle, a second permit will be issued at no additional charge. 


Daily Permits 

Daily permits may be purchased at one of the permit machines around campus in the parking lots. Daily Permits must be displayed facing up on the dashboard with the permit information of date and times clearly visible. Daily permits have a tendency to blow off the dashboard or turn upside down when the vehicle door is opened and closed, so remember to check and make sure your permit is clearly visible after closing the vehicle door. Daily Permits that are not displayed correctly or clearly visible may be cited.


Campus parking citations are paid for or disputed on the Parking Management Bureau website (  If you have received a parking citation, you have 21 days to pay or dispute your citation.  After 21 days you will lose the dispute option and the fine will double. On the reverse side of the citation you will see the website URL -  On the homepage, simply follow the instructions for entering your citation number and then proceed to the payment or dispute tabs.

Five or more unpaid citations make a vehicle eligible for towing or immobilization, in accordance with California state law. It is against department policy for citations to be voided by a student worker once issued. Only the Chief of CRPD may void a citation when the citation is properly disputed.

Motorist Assistance Program

As a courtesy, the Campus Safety vehicles are equipped to assist motorists who have locked themselves out of their vehicle, are in need of a jump start or have run out of gas. Public Safety personnel will supervise the changing of a flat tire. Each situation and vehicle differs, and the responding officer may be forced to recommend outside commercial assistance for some vehicles or situations.

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